Sunday, November 29, 2015


The temperature has been dipping down to -20c overnights and "warming" up to -13c. A hoar frost is covering all the trees and gives the illusion of more snow. The lake began freezing this week, and some choppy waves have created some amazing patterns in the ice. Frozen waves give the illusion of a blanket, pushed back towards shore. In other spots, the swirling water froze into circle patterns. The waves have also created oval shards of ice stacked up on the shore. So much to see and enjoy, but you have to dress warm enough! This cold always feels so much colder in November, when I'm not acclimatized to it yet.


  1. I found your patterns on pinterist and I wanted to thank you for sharing them. There are so nice. I a mm going to make the Fox hat for my first grandson(5 granddaughters) he 3 months his parents will love it. Thanks. Beautiful pictures I love the waves. It can get pretty cold where I live in New York state right by the border of Canada but not like what you have so early in the season. Keep warm. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you! My parents have the opposite situation, 5 grandsons and one granddaughter. It is cold here right now, but we often get above freezing for stretches in the winter. I sort of enjoy it when it warms up, but it ruins all our snow for skiing and snowshoeing.


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