Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fort in February

The Fort in February- in the past, it has been very cold, but this year, it would appear that spring is nearly here. The daytime highs have been above freezing for weeks and there is no end in sight. We've had hardly any snow to begin with and I anticipate it will be gone in mid-March, if this weather keeps up. Oh well. I love winter, but spring is the most exciting time of year for me!

Training the kids up for spring cleaning ;)
 There has been a lot of beautiful sunbeams for little kitties to sleep in.

 I've been working on my greenhouse/lean-to/raised garden.
 See what I mean about the lack of snow? In the past, it has only looked like this in April.
I've got the wire up along the back of the greenhouse, for the tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers to climb. And the plastic rolls up for easy access. I'm just waiting on my dirt.
 The chickens are getting excited for spring and green grass. At least, I think they are.

 I took a walk this morning to the marina. There are some open holes in the ice that the otters have been going in and out of.
 It feels strange to see water at this time of year.
 The south facing slopes are snow-free and I spied some wild strawberries, still green.
 A flock of redpolls were also out enjoying the sunshine this morning.
 The snow on the lake ice is melting, making the ice look rather ominous.
 I wonder when the ice will break-up this year?

 Some tiny Bird's Nest fungi are growing in my garden by the house. The "eggs" in the nest contain spores and are designed to be dispersed when raindrops hit the nest, flinging the eggs as far as seven feet! That is my finger behind them, for a size comparison.
 The tulips are popping up. Again, so early!
 And my tomato and onion seeds have sprouted.

Spring is not far away!


  1. Looking Good. Are you going to put Tomatoes in the raised beds/ lean too green houses on the side of the house?


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