Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Weekend

We headed down to Kelowna for Easter weekend. It is a grueling drive to make with toddlers, but so nice to see family.
 Before we left, there was still quite a bit of snow in the yard.

 The snow eventually gave way to spring, the farther south we drove. Sage brush and desert were a strange sight to see after a white landscape.

 Cousins and Easter egg hunts made for a wild and noisy time. Sleep deprivation and the odd grumpy moment (ahem) did not ruin the fun the of the weekend.
 The high mountain passes still had lots of snow on our way home.
 My plants had grown heaps while I was away and I spent today re-potting everything.
 The backyard is nearly free of snow and the temperature is hitting 16c or higher!
I have a beautiful selection of lichen dyes now. Almost time to start knitting my sweater?
 Letharia vulpina on the left and Umbilicaria on the right.
 The chickens must be enjoying the nice weather, as all four of them are now contributing to their room and board.
 I think I'll go back outside and enjoy these blissful temperatures!


  1. We were in Kelowna on Easter weekend too - those passes weren't fun on the way back. Your lichen dye colours are gorgeous!

    1. We didn't have too much trouble, as we left on the Tuesday, but it looked like there was a bunch of fresh snow from Monday! And thanks! I am excited to knit those up.


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