Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bella Coola

We headed to Bella Coola for our summer holidays this year. Bella Coola is a small community on BC's central coast. There is only one road that accesses the central coast, and you must drive down a very scary hill to get to the ocean. It is so notorious, you only need to say "The Hill," and everyone knows exactly which hill you are referring to. 
The switchbacks were terrifying, and the steep drop-offs forced me to close my eyes (fortunately, I was not the one driving).
We stayed in a very cute cabin at the Rip Rap campground. It was a beautiful place, right on the river. There was fresh bear poo not far from our door, so we were happy to have the protection of the cabin at nights (toddlers are not very "bear aware"!).
We had some rainy days, which did not damper our fun. You can hike just as well in the rain, if you have the right clothes.

There are many spots with old growth forests and Cedar made sure to give the giant cedars a hug.
Some very, very ancient trees!

We also did a boat tour with Discovery Coast and it was a fun experience! We caught prawns:
Saw pictographs:

Saw seals:
Hiked to a giant, GIANT cedar tree:

Posed in front of beautiful waterfalls:

And soaked in some hotsprings:

It was a wonderful time spent with family.


  1. This is a fabulous post of your vacation. Seeing your photos and reading this really makes me want to go there and experience it myself.

  2. ^ What Dee said. Great photos!

  3. We drove the road into Bella Coola a few years ago. I was so scared that I made my husband stop the truck and let me out so I could walk! Don't remember how far I walked but the whole time we were in BC I worried about driving out again - not nearly as bad going uphill though! love your pics.

    1. Ahaha, oh my! That would be quite the walk! I was doing some serious backseat driving! It is just way too scary of a hill!


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