Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Mushroom Dyed Sweater

I finished knitting my Mushroom Dyed sweater at the beginning of the month, but couldn't get a picture of it on me until today. There it is! I am very proud of it! My ravelry notes on it are here And that is Dandelion, the new kitten (named by my son). He is still trying to get on the good side of Boos, our resident cat.


  1. Kris I am blown away, your sweater is gorgeous! I've been showing everyone I know.. they can't believe it's all done with mushroom dyes! Beautiful pattern too.

  2. My husband says you should send your pictures to Oprah!

  3. I love your sweater. The colors turned out beautiful and the sweater fits so nice.

    1. Thanks Patt! I'm trying not to wear it ever single day. Haha


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