Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Picture Highlights


January was mild with perfect packing snow for making snowmen and winter scavenger hunt excursions.


February is always an exciting month, when I begin to start my seeds indoors and the dogsled races. Cedar and Kesten both got to ride on the sleds and I think they are hooked!


Our unusually warm temperatures continued into March, melting the snow a month earlier than usual, prompting us to spend all of our free time outside. We ate outside just about everyday in March, and also enjoyed a trip to the Okanagan for Easter.


In April, I did some more experimenting with dyeing with woad, we built a little shady spot under the deck, the hummingbirds returned, and our mason bees hatched out and promptly got to work laying eggs.


 May is arguably my most favourite month. We went for a long paddle down the lake to see the pictographs for our anniversary, and our little girl celebrated her second birthday. The farmer's market re-opened and the garden was planted out.


In June, the weather turned wet and remained wet for the rest of the summer. But we still had nice days and enjoyed the re-opening of the Historic Park, Kesten's 4th birthday, and the return to hummingbird banding.


Oh July! The garden exploded with all the rain, but so too did the slugs and pests. We went for an amazing family holiday to Bella Coola, where we enjoyed rainy hikes, boat rides, and hot springs.  A new kayak meant that I got to spend more time out on the lake. And my dad renovated the playhouse, which saw many hours of fun all summer long. Canning and preserving was in full swing as the garden kept producing more and more.


August was full of camping trips, mountain bike races, gardening, and playing in the dirt. And I made my own salsa from all my homegrown ingredients.


In September, we had the long-awaited Mushroom Dyeing Workshop with Alissa Allen ( The mushroom picking season was in full force and we also enjoyed the final event at the Historic Park for the season- Metis Days.


We went to Calgary for Thanksgiving and spent some time with family there. The rest of October, I was hunting for dye mushrooms in the forest! And then we capped it off with Halloween- I was a pirate, Cedar was a mermaid and Kesten was an aspen tree-octopus.


 November started out with some very warm weather, so I took advantage of that and went for a kayak on the lake. We adopted a little kitten, Dandelion, and I completed my long dreamed-of project, my mushroom dyed sweater. November wrapped up with a whirlwind weekend of Christmas activities, including the Santa Claus parade and the craft fair.


And December is finishing off the year quietly and beautifully. Here's hoping that next year will be just as good.


  1. Hi Kris - haven't seen you for a while. I keep checking.
    I miss your blog and your lovely pictures..

    1. Still here, Chris! Just can't believe how fast the time has gone by! I'll try to write a new post soon!


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