Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bedroom Makeover

Well, I had originally planned to paint our bedroom when we did the living room and kitchen, but I ended up being too burnt out. It took until yesterday to work up the energy, but I got it done, and I think it has been worth it.

When we first moved in, our room was painted a dark brown. It felt too dark and heavy in there. I could hardly wait to lighten it up. I love the way it looks now!

This is the bedroom the day we moved in.
This is it today. I painted the walls "Talc" and the trim "Timothy Hay" green by Martha Stewart. I think we may paint the dresser green too.
The sweater chest is at the foot of the bed. I love the branches that hold up the curtains over our closet. There used to be mirrored doors there instead.
I love that the mosquito net is functional and beautiful. It has kept those pesky bugs from waking us up at 4am.
This time I made wood panelled outlet covers by printing some pictures of wood grain that I googled. Remember that tutorial I did?
That's about it for now. I look forward to adding some more art to the walls. It should add a bit more colour to the room.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crafting!: What to do with old pallets

It's been quite the week! This weekend we've finally had some sunshine and it feels so good. The weekend so far has been filled with movie going and a party, a bouncy castle war, throwing a pie in my husband's face (the money was for a good cause), hula hooping, bike riding, a dip in the lake, a nighttime bonfire and marshmallow roasting, and painting pictures in the night air with sparklers. It's what I needed after the week I've had.

The other day, I packed home a shipping pallet in my car's trunk to make a fabulous project that I had seen on the internet. A rustic shelf for the living room. I don't remember where I saw the original image, but when I searched for it again, I found this website which contains instruction for making one. I basically just sawed off the end of the pallet and nailed some boards in the bottom to make the self bottom and then attached it to the wall. Simple, easy, and beautifully rustic.

And now here are some of the clothes I picked up at the clothing exchange.

I love my new secret agent trench coat.

The skirt and shirt I got at the clothing exchange. The shrug was a sweater pattern I was working on. It was a quick knit, only taking a couple of evenings to do. I added the lace around the sleeves and I quite like it. The pattern for the sweater is from 1912! How cool is that? If you're on ravelry, here is the link to the pattern. If not, here is the website it is published in.

The crows were having a secret conference on our fence one morning.
The chickens were too busy scratching for any secret conferences. The chicks are now 7 weeks old and looking so grown up. Some days I forget that I will one day get eggs from them. They are so much fun! this is the view from my bedroom window.
5am on my birthday, I awoke to the chickens making a big commotion. I looked out the window and saw a grey and tawny fox sitting there watching them. I opened the window and yelled at the fox and it took off running. I'm worried that it will be back. I know that the coop is quite fortified, so the chickens are safe, but I will be keeping them locked in their housing at nights now. So far the fox hasn't been back and I'm glad.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Projects

What a busy weekend it has been! Filled with lots of projects, lots of fun, and even some sunshine (gasp!).Friday night started out with a clothing exchange and potluck with some great friends. I will later post some pictures of the fancy clothes I got!
The chickens are so much fun to watch, as usual. They have a new obsession: Dandelion greens. They gobble them up like nobody's business. They fight over them, push each other out of the way, and will jump quite high, just to get a bite of their new favourite treat. Naturally this has been cause for great entertainment for me.
Chamomile blooming around the chicken coop. At least all the rain we have been getting has meant that I haven't had to water my garden for a month...
I just love sunny marigolds!
I went into the woods and collected a number of fallen saplings and branches. I built an arbor, which should look really nice when the lilac bushes fill in and it is covered in vines. I also built a quilt ladder, which I will show you soon.
Sunday was a day to lay laminate flooring in the "ugly room" of our basement suite. It was a little stressful at first, but we soon got the hang of it. In the breaks while I waiting for laminate pieces to be cut, I worked on recovering one the of the chairs I got at that garage sale awhile ago. My husband wanted to know why I had brought such junky chairs home and I responded that they were free. He has been bugging me to throw them out for a few weeks now, so it was time I showed him their potential.
This is one of the chairs before:
And this is after I recovered it:
Oooh, brown corduroy seat with pink stripes. Even my husband admitted that I had proved him wrong. It's a nice little chair and I am sitting on it right now as I type this. Quite comfortable.
Well, that is about it for now. I almost need a weekend to recover from my weekend! But I love doing projects like these. Also, I am deep in a Harry Potter movie marathon. I want to watch then all over again before the new one comes to our theatre in town. I am about halfway through now. What did you do on your weekend?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

July Weekends

So, a few things have happened since I last posted here. I am once again an Aunt with my first niece! I'm very happy and glad things went well.
I also caught a fish big enough to eat, after 3 years of trying. I was in a lot of shock that I actually succeeded. I wasn't at all prepared. But we had a delicious "feast" from that fish the next night.
I went to Vanderhoof to pick up some more chicken feed (I love saying that! It makes me feel like a farmer) and I did some early birthday present shopping for myself from my husband, ha! I went to the antique store and got a few cool things! The first was a beautiful red kettle to sit in my kitchen. It was a little gunky inside after being used for years in hard water with minerals. So, I decided to try out a local solution and picked some horsetails from my alleyway.
Horsetails in this area were traditionally used as pot scrubbers and polishers, even as sandpaper. The cells of the plant contain silicon dioxide, making the plant rough. It worked like a charm! Much better results than with a plastic scrubber. Trivia: did you know that it is also called Devil's Guts? I guess it can take over pretty easily as a weed, earning it a nasty name.

Now it is spotless inside! I know you didn't see what it was like before, but it was pretty brown.
The shiny tea kettle in its new home.
A beautiful calendar for the kitchen!

It has pretty much rained non-stop these past few weeks here. I am so sick of it! But since it is going to rain, I might as well have a cute umbrella to use! Vintage plaid. I love it!
Of course, it probably won't rain now that I have a cute umbrella (that is what I am hoping anyway!)
Do you know what these are? These are vintage spools/bobbins. And once I have have my bunnies and am spinning their wool, I will use these to help me make 2 and 3 ply yarn!
Today, some friends and I hiked up Mount Pope. It is quite the trail. the first 30 minutes you curse the person who came up with the idea of hiking it, but after that you settle into the groove. It is about 13km return, and mostly uphill one way. It gives you a certain sense of accomplishment when you reach the top, but you still vow you won't do it again for another year. On the way down, we ran through the trails, singing songs from the Sound of Music. I can tell already that it is going to be very difficult to move tomorrow.

Just about to the top. Blue sky! What a sight for sore eyes!
A view of Pinche Lake
Fort St. James nestled below.

Battleship Island.
A group victory shot at the top. This Gondola was used to spot fires back in the day.
Well, the last time I was at the top, I couldn't see the view as we were above the clouds. It was very nice to see it all today. But I know my body will be paying for it tomorrow....

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Well, my weekend started with a rainy Canada Day that was chalk full of events. We watched the parade, I painted faces in the park while bands played, there was a helicopter drop, events at the Historic Park and late night fireworks watched from inside cars in the pouring rain.
Here is one of the cute lambs at the Historic Park. This one is still too shy to visit with people.
It was time to give my barred rock rooster to a new home. I was a little sad to see him go. While I was trying to catch him in the coop, both chickens escaped in to my unfenced backyard. It took a lot of darting and lunging, before I finally cornered and caught them.

I took the barred rock rooster to the same place I dropped off Velociraptor and the dumb chicken. Here is Velociraptor looking as dapper as ever. He rules over 27 chicks in his new home -a mix of meat birds and laying hens. He tries to give the meat birds a bit of exercise. Velociraptor looked so small and trim compared to my other rooster. That is his leghorn style, I guess.
Here is the dumb chicken. She is Queen Bee of the little chicks. When I dropped the rooster off, some scraps took place between him, the dumb chicken, and Velociraptor. It's tough to say who would win. I hope they eventually settle down to life together.
On the way back, we stopped to take pictures of a moose. She has her tongue sticking out at us. Click on the picture to see it larger.
My husband decided to get a fish when we were in Prince George yesterday. He plans on bringing it to his office. It has no name yet, but there are a few in the running. This fish is quite active for a Betta. He swims around his tank all day.
He has beautiful red fins and a bluish body that shines in the right light. He is the first fish my husband has ever had.
I moved the little chicks outside permanently now. Last night was their first full night out there. The remaining hen/pullet has been unsure of how to receive these little invaders. She chases them around a bit and nips at them, but also ignores them. The chicks are quick to avoid her when she gets nasty and jump up on the box, or hide behind the division I made them in the coop. When I checked on them last night, the pullet was roosting on a bar in the coop and the little ones were merrily puttering about on their side under the heat lamp. It's an uneasy truce.
I love how they look like little round balls with a head and legs. When I first brought them outside, one of them stepped right off the edge, expecting to walk on the air or something. It was hilarious to watch. He was ok, just a little shocked.
The older chicken lurks below. She is not shy to claim her territory. The little chicks mastered the ramp right away. Not like the dumb chicken I gave away.
The older pullet is twice the size of the little chicks. I think they will catch up soon though, so she better watch how she treats them!
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