Saturday, December 28, 2013

Knitting!: Hudson's Bay Doll Sweater

Here is the little sweater I designed, as modelled by Maurice the Moose. The shawl collar and Hudson's Bay colours give it a real rustic, outdoorsy feel. It has a wrap around front and drop shoulder construction.

Hudson's Bay Doll Sweater

Yarn: I used Patons Canadiana 
Main colour (mc) 10006 Winter White
Contrast Colour 1(cc1) 10110 Navy (blue)
CC2 10610 Fool's Gold (yellow)
CC3 10707 Cardinal (red)
CC4 10708 Leap Frog (green)
Needles: 3.5mm straight needles
Gauge: 6st x 8rows= 1 inch squared
MeasurementFrom arm to arm: 8"
From shoulder to hem: 3" 
Wrap around circumference: 9.5"

cc1-contrast colour 1
cc2-contrast colour 2
cc3-contrast colour 3
cc4-contrast colour 4
k2tog-knit two together
mc-main colour
p2tog-purl two together
ssk-slip, slip knit

Sweater body:
Cast on 42 st in mc.
K1, p1 ribbing for 2 rows
Row 3: k
Row 4: p
Row 5: Switch to cc1 (blue), k 1 row
Row 6: switch to mc, purl 1 row
Row 7: switch to cc2 (yellow), k1  row
Row 8: switch to mc, purl 1 row
Row 9: switch to cc3 (red), k 1 row
Row 10: switch to mc, purl 1 row
Row 11: switch to cc4 (green), k 1 row
Row 12: switch to mc, purl 1 row

Left front of Sweater:
K 12st, place remaining stitches on a holder.
Next row: p
Next row: k1, k2tog, k9
Next row: p
Next row: k1, k2tog, k8
Next row: p
Next row: Bind off 2 st, k to end (8st left)
Next row: p
Next row: Bind off 3 st, k to end (5st left)
Next row: p
Next row: k
Next row: Bind off all stitches (5)

Back of Sweater:
Reattach mc yarn and knit 18st, place the remaining 12 stitches on a holder.
Next row: p
Next row: k
Next row: p
Next row: k
Next row: p
Next row: k
Next row: p
Next row: k
Next row: p
Next row: k
Bind off 18 st.

Right front of Sweater:
Reattach mc yarn and knit the 12 remaining stitches
Next row: p1, p2tog, p9
Next row: k
Next row: p1, p2tog, p8
Next row: k
Next row: Bind off 2 st, p to end (8 st left)
Next row: k
Next row: Bind off 3 st, p to end (5 st left)
Next row: k
Next row: p
Next row: k
Next row: Bind off all stitches (5)

Cast on 24 st in mc.
Knit 4 rows in stockinette st.
Next row: k1, k2tog, k 18, ssk, k1
Next row: p
Next row: k1, k2tog, k16, ssk, k1
Next row: p
Next row: k1, k2tog, k14, ssk, k1
Next row: p
Do two rows of k1, p1 ribbing
Bind off all stitches
Repeat for the second sleeve

Weave in All the ends (I know! There's a lot!). Seam up the shoulders of the sweater. Sew the sleeves in the arm holes.

Pick up and knit in mc 50st around the left side, back, and right side of the sweater. This part will be in garter stitch.
Knit 1 row
Next row: k until 10 st from the end, bring yarn to the front, and turn your work (short row)
Next row:  k until 10 st from the end, bring yarn to the front, and turn your work (short row)
Next row: k until 18 st from the end, bring yarn to the front, and turn your work (short row)
Next row: k to end
Bind off all 50 st

Weave in ends and enjoy your new Hudson's Bay Doll Sweater!

I hope you enjoyed this pattern. Please let me know if you find any errors and I will try to correct them.

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Most Wonderful Christmas

What a great day we had! A relaxed, fun, stress-free day where we got to watch our little boy open his presents and really enjoy Christmas! I'm beginning to think that the amount of effort that you put into preparing for Christmas does not equal the amount of enjoyment you get out of it. In fact, I think the less expectations you put on the day, the happier you will be. At least that was the case for us.
 He was spoiled with so many lovely thoughtful gifts from family! A new wooden sled to tour the town in, made in Canada even!
 Northern animals to play with!
 Boos was so hyper and kept leaping in and out of boxes!
Probably Kesten's favourite toy was the baby stroller. He loves to play with one at Strong Start and he has been wheeling this one around the house ever since Christmas morning.

 Oh, and who can resist trains? Especially ones that light up! This kid was so happy with all his gifts!
Christmas dinner was a small family affair that was quiet but special. 
 After dinner, we headed out to the ice rink for some skating time. Look how happy he is!
 And a walk home. He likes to walk all on his own now. Such a grown up little boy.
 And just before bed, a nice new book to read.
All in all, one of the best Christmases ever! I hope you had a very special time to spend with your loved ones.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Well, I can hardly believe that it is already Christmas Eve. We are having a low-key Christmas at home but I have still been busy with little preparations here and there. In the midst of doing stuff yesterday, I glanced over to see my little guy playing with his baby on the couch, giving her kisses and sitting down beside her. What a guy! I hope this is good practice for May!

 Boos is doing what cats do best- napping. And looking cute while doing it!
 I cleaned the chickens out on the weekend and now they have fresh new bedding for Christmas. Everyone is so cozy.

 And cookies were baked, icing mixed, and beaters licked. Today we plan on cleaning the house and baking our traditional "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus" cake. Haha, cheesy, but delicious!
I hope you are enjoying your holidays!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Meet Maurice the Moose

Maurice, the Fort St. James Moose. I had so much fun designing him and making his clothes, especially making a knitting pattern for that little Hudsons Bay coat. (I'll be posting the knitting pattern later).

A true Northern guy.

Brown corduroy body and felt antlers.
I don't think Kesten will have nearly as much fun playing with him as I did making him!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Now It Is Winter

 Nothing says Winter like fresh baked bread and newly fallen snow.
 We finally got a dump of snow last night and Kesten and I headed out into the woods for a hike.
 It always looks like Narnia to me.
 We spied about 7 or 8 wasp nests in the trees.

The snow is coming down again and we are finally adding some inches to our measly cover. Soon cross country skiing!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Handmade Christmas Presents

I can post these pictures on here because the recipients are all too young to use the internet!

Here is the tubular glockenspiel that I made Kesten for Christmas. There are lots of instructions on the internet on how to make them, like here, and here. I basically just used a pipe cutter to cut specific lengths of electrical conduit pipe and then built a wood frame for them. The holes have to be lined with foam so that the pipes will ring when struck with a mallet. I think Kesten will enjoy playing with it for Christmas.
 Next I made some wet felted pictures for my littlest nephews and then built them some rustic picture frames from our old fence.

I hope they enjoy them! Have you been making any presents for Christmas?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's the beginning of the Christmas Season

The festivities around here began on Friday, with the annual Santa Claus parade. Fun, as always!
On Sunday we headed out to cut down our Christmas tree. One problem though, the road was a sheet of thick ice that our car could could not navigate. So we ended up hiking in several kilometres to get our tree and then dragged it back those km's to the car.
But the forest and the views were so lovely.

Kesten was pretty excited that we brought we tree inside! And then we decorated it!

And right after we got the tree, a cold front blew in and the temperature went from 2 above to -15c in the span of a couple hours. Brrr. Time to dress warmly!

 Despite the howling wind and freezing temperatures, the tree makes us feel cozy and warm inside.

I love this time of year. I have been making a few Christmas presents that I will have to share with you later!

Monday, November 25, 2013

November, November

And so I find myself nearly at the end of November with not nearly enough snow for Winter sports. Ah well, the world is still white and beautiful, although you can feel the year aging, hobbling along with its last legs.
 We are passing the time, bit by bit, amused by the antics of our kitty, snuggling into an orange box.
 By boy has picked up a new favourite pastime, colouring.
 What doesn't end up on the paper ends up on his face and hands. But hey, it washes off and we're all having fun.
 After making a new cozy craft room in the basement yesterday, I was finally inspired to do a bit of crafting again. This is a Christmas present for my little nephew.

 And this morning Kesten discovered a new game - our magnetic dart board.
 Mostly he just likes to stick the magnets on wherever he likes, but he did try throwing the darts once or twice.
 This should keep us busy until it is time to decorate for Christmas. I suspect that will happen sometime this week. Not much longer now!

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