Friday, October 28, 2011

The New Arrivals

Meet Buckbean and Gooseberry, the angora rabbits. They flew in on Westjet yesterday and they have settled in nicely to our home! They are big floofy fur balls and they are so cute!
In other news, Honeychile' laid her first egg today, an itty bitty teeny tiny egg! I guess we can expect to fill up the egg cartons faster now!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It is with a very sad heart that I tell you about the tragic passing of Georgia Girl, my little pullet that I raised from egg. She met with a horrific death yesterday when the neighbour's dog snatched her from under the fence and ate her. It was so sad. I feel like I failed her. The chickens are no longer safe to roam the yard and will be confined to their run, until I either block off the bottom of the fence, or create another fenced off run for them.
The neighbour felt so bad, but it isn't his fault and it isn't the dog's either. It's pure instinct and the pup was proud of his catch, he kept bringing her in his mouth to show me. (It was pretty horrible).
So now the chicken coop is down to 2, which the girls may enjoy come Winter, but they are sad to lose a friend and comrade. Poor little Georgie.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Crafting!: Display Winter Wrappings

Brrr! It's been awfully cold here some mornings! One morning last week I woke up to -10C and a frost so thick it looked like snow! Another morning it did snow- just a little bit of that stuff that looks like styrofoam balls. Winter is coming sooner than I'd like and all that winter weather means it is time to pull out the tuques and scarves.
Our winter wrappings have previously resided in a cloth bag hung in the closet. But this means that every morning we basically have to dump out the bag to find the right tuque or mittens. Soooo, it was time to come up with a better solution!
About a month ago, I went to visit our local "Share Shed." This is a building located on the site of the dump, where people can take stuff that they no longer want, but is too good to throw out. Everything is free in the Share Shed and you can take whatever you want. The last time I was there, I found this vintage suitcase that is in mint condition. It reminded me of some of the suitcases my Great Grandma had. I brought it home, although I had no specific purpose for it in mind (a dangerous thing!). But a purpose came to me yesterday, as I was pawing through that cloth bag, trying to find a scarf.
I filled it with all our winter attire and it looked lovely. But one problem, it didn't really work to have it just sitting on the ground. So I had to build a table for it.
The table I made using the old boards from the fence the neighbour ripped down, plus the scraps of wood from the new fence he put up. I even re-used the nails from the old fence for this project. It was 100% free to build this table and it is made from recycled materials. Whooo whooo! I love the shabby "barn wood" look to this table. And it is a perfect stand for my suitcase. And just think of the beautiful displays I can have on this table in the Spring!

Friday, October 14, 2011

How Many Square Bales Can You Fit In a Car?

And the answer is 4! 2 Straw bales and 2 of alfalfa. Now I am all stocked up for the winter.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

6 in 9

Since Betty started laying last Tuesday, we've had 6 eggs in 9 days. Not bad, Betty, not bad. There were two days in a row where she didn't lay anything and I was getting worried that she might have been egg bound, but on the morning of the 3rd day there was a brown egg waiting for us, saving Betty from some pretty disturbing interference (do you know how to lubricate the vent of a chicken?).
Yesterday for lunch we enjoyed some omelettes a la Betty, along with hashbrowns from our potatoes. Such satisfaction!
So far, raising chickens has been a rewarding and joyful experience, and surprisingly easy! (I probably just jinxed myself with that.) It is an experience that I highly recommend!

Betty lays the egg outside the nest box 50% of the time. Oh Betty!
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