Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spill the Beans Already!

Ok, here's the other reason why I have been so busy lately!
It's a very exciting time for us! And I've already been busy knitting and crocheting. Here is a baby blanket I made from the granny squares I started crocheting a year ago. I think it will look lovely in our future nursery!
I've also been busy trying to master the fine art of keeping food down. I hope the nausea will be gone by Christmas, like it is supposed to be, because words cannot express how much I am looking forward to that turkey dinner!
I think you can expect a lot more baby projects posted on here in the near future!

Oh the Weather!

Boos is always mesmerized by the snow falling.

We got another big dump of snow, but it warmed up significantly yesterday and all last night we could hear the snow melting off the roof and rain drops splatter against the windows. These little thaws are nice, if not slightly confusing for our bodies which are trying to adjust to winter. But I like that there are little breaks like this in Winter. We had a few of them last year. Do you guys have any snow yet? I always feel like we are way ahead in this department!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

And Winter Sets In

Sorry for the long silence! It has been a very busy month with lots of changes. I started a new job, which has kept me occupied, finished our 5 performances of the play we have been working on for months, and Winter has come in full force. We have close to a foot of snow and yesterday it was a chilly -27c in the morning. That's cold. I have been adjusting to the new Winter routine with the animals, making sure that water is thawed out and that they are warm enough. It is quite time consuming!
As for projects, I am working on knitting a Cowichan sweater for my sister for Christmas. Progress has been good and I should be done in time. Have you been working on any new knitting projects?
I think that is about it for now. I'll have some more stories to update you on in a little bit. But now, I am off to the craft fair to run the table for the Humane Society. Oooh, the craft fair is so full of Christmas cheer! Have a good Sunday everyone! (Only 5.5 months of Winter left!)
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