Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunsets and Wildflowers

Still waiting for that baby. We enjoyed the sunset from the beach tonight and then picked some wildflowers. Sorry that the picture is sideways, my computer isn't co-operating.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Solstice

Yes, I am still here. No, I haven't had the baby yet. Yesterday was my due date, so hopefully not a whole lot longer to go...

Wednesday was Summer Solstice, a glorious day and longest day of the year (which is really long this part of the world). We celebrated by having a solstice potluck at a friend's house along with a bonfire on the beach. It was wonderful!
I took these pictures as we were leaving, around 10:30pm. I love that we can walk back to our car at this time of night and not even need a flashlight!

 Our car doesn't make it down the long driveway, so we park at the road and walk in. I always feel like Little Red Riding Hood on this road.
Thursday was National Aboriginal Day, another beautiful hot sunny day and we had a bbq in the evening and watched the fireworks (which start at 11pm, even though the sky is still not fully dark!). The fireworks on National Aboriginal Day are the best of the year and the show lasted nearly half an hour. I think the baby enjoyed the noises...sure kicked a lot!
Friday, my due date, was again hot and beautiful out and I enjoyed the farmer's market and also picking lilacs in the late evening. So many hot days in a row, not at all like last summer! I guess it helps pass the time...Hopefully this baby will make an appearance soon!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dandelion Wine Part 3

Back to the dandelion wine making! (You can see part 1 here, and part 2 here.)
So, after straining the blossoms, adding 20 pounds of sugar, the juice and rind of 20 lemons and 20 oranges, and our stale bread with yeast, our wine has been happily fermenting away for the past 2 and a half weeks. Now it was time to strain it and put it in a carboy.

The wine looks kinda gross here, but it sure smelled good!
 We strained off the big chunks and then poured it through a fine mesh to strain it further.
 Look at that gold!
 Syphoning the wine into a carboy. It looks so mad-scientist-ish.
 And there we have it in the carboy to ferment further. We tested it again with the hydrometer and we figure it has an alcohol level of about 5%. That should increase with a bit more fermentation.
It has been a fun process so far and I look forward to our wine and cheese tasting a year from now! I know someone who is going to be making rhubarb wine for the event. Doesn't that sound good?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Killing Time

I went to the Historic Park today to take my mind off the waiting. It was nice to stroll around and visit the animals and talk to the interpreters. I took some pictures to share with you:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


"...Has it ever occurred to you, Diana, that there is something not quite...chaste... in the scent of lilac blossoms? Gilbert laughs at such a notion...he loves them...but to me they always seem to be remembering some secret, too-sweet thing."

                                 ~ Anne of Ingleside, by Lucy Maude Montgomery

It may be true, but I agree with Gilbert on this one and just love them. The lilacs are just starting to come out now and I went for a walk today to gather them up for our house. I love the way they smell, even if they fade so quickly. I wish I could find a way to make them last.
 This evening I made a little craft to keep my mind off the waiting for this baby. A little jar with a dandelion gone to seed and a banner with "wish" printed across it. If I had some of the fancy stamping stuff my mom sells, I think I could have made the banner look even better/more aged.

 But I like it and I think it has a nice, whimsical feel to it.

Oh, and you know what one of my favourite flowers to decorate the house with is? Chive blossoms. They have such a lovely punch of colour and I love the contrast of the purple and the green. Plus, they last forever and I never feel bad about picking them from the garden.

Well, that is all for now, folks. The days are marching closer to my due date and I anxiously await this baby's arrival!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


"...This is just the kind of evening I love to work in the garden. Things are growing tonight. I hope there'll be gardens in heaven, Susan...gardens we can work in, I mean, and help things to grow."
"But not bugs surely," protested Susan.
"No-o-o, I suppose not. But a completed garden wouldn't really be any fun, Susan. You have to work in a garden yourself or you miss its meaning. I want to weed and dig and transplant and change and plan and prune. And I want the flowers I love in heaven...I'd rather my own pansies than the asphodel, Susan."
                                       ~ Anne of Ingleside, by Lucy Maude Montgomery

I have to agree whole heartedly with Anne in that quote (let's be honest, I agree with Anne in just about everything). I love working in my garden. I love planning and planting and weeding and toiling. I love the quiet time where I can think as my hands do the work. I love planting seeds and nurturing them and watching them grow into beautiful plants.
In the Fall, I wasn't sure whether I'd still be able to work in the garden at this late stage in pregnancy, but I can still manage to sit and weed the garden. I am mainly focused on the chicken coop garden this year and my husband is taking over the vegetable garden.
I spent many enjoyable hours weeding my garden this afternoon in the warm sun with my big hat on and my hands in the dirt. I think it will be a fantastic garden this year, full of edibles and decoratives.
The garden includes:
*a border of lettuces and kale
*lemon balm
*brown eyed susans
*sugar snap peas
*scarlet runner beans
Soon the garden will be bursting with flowers and food, like last year. I can hardly wait!

Friday, June 8, 2012

June Evening Stroll

Tonight I managed to walk my full-term pregnant body around for a couple of hours to distract myself from the waiting. I took some photos of the beauty we saw tonight.

 Can you see the old bear claw marks in the bark? They went the whole way up the tree and were on the tree beside it as well.
 Last week when I walked by this pond, there was a male and female mallard swimming around. This week there is a mama with 8 babies! I hope that is us soon. NOT the 8 babies part, but one baby would be nice. Please hurry, little Nutbrown!

Foxy Photos

Don't worry, not the risque kind. I've been collecting some photos of the fox family that lives in town and tonight we finally got pictures and footage of those three cute kits as well. They are growing up so fast! (Click on the pictures to see them in a large slideshow)

Here's mama and papa fox (You can't see the babies playing behind the hill in this picture).
 Papa likes to get away a lot of evenings and rest in this yard.
 But we startled him this time.
 And then mama crossed paths with me last weekend.

 We caught papa out resting again tonight.
 And the babies decided to come out play on the log pile tonight.

Enjoy the little video! Sorry it is so shaky! When you have to zoom so far, it is really hard to hold the camera steady.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


When we were kids, our grandparents had a cabin at Green Lake and we would go every Summer for a vacation. I have such fond memories of these times. Swimming in the lake, listening to thunderstorms from the covered porch, playing in big refrigerator boxes, making "soups" and sandcastles on the beach, making plaster casts of the deer prints in the sand, sculpting clay we would dig out of the lake, bonfires and burnt popcorn, nature walks, and so so so much more! My husband says that one of my most common sayings is "This reminds me of Green Lake." 
 (My little sister in the front, my older sister in the middle, I'm swimming, and our friend is standing in the back.)
(From left to right: Grandy, me, my Mom, my little sister on her lap and my older sister beside her, Uncle Doug, and Aunty Sue, and Gramps)

Well, at Green Lake, my Grandy had a set of coloured aluminum tumblers that were just lovely. I can remember the fun of choosing the colour I wanted and the way an ice cold drink felt in those cups on a warm Summer's day. 
Well, I found some coloured aluminum tumblers on the internet awhile ago and knew that I had to have them for my kids. We have no unbreakable cups at all at our house and although it will be awhile until our kid is old enough to use them, I think they will be perfect. Already I have enjoyed an ice cold beverage in them for old times sake. What a nice alternative to plastic!

Aren't those colours so much fun? These tumblers bring back so many wonderful childhood memories.
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