Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This Week in the Incubator...

I just got my eggs from the post office today. What fun! They were packed very carefully in sawdust. It was like a treasure hunt, digging through to find the eggs hidden inside. 
 The eggs I got are from birds that were thought to be purebred Australorps (the blackbird in the picture), but started to lay green eggs. They are thought to be crossed with Ameraucanas (the other bird) which lay blue eggs. This is perfect for me, because I couldn't decide between the two birds.
Pictures from mypetchicken.com

So, I've got 7 green eggs in the incubator, set to hatch in 21 days (around May 20-21). My camera had such a hard time capturing the colour that they are. I tried adding a brown egg from the fridge to give some perspective, but it still isn't close. Ah well. They are pretty eggs. Four are more bluey-green, and three are more olive green.
And so the next adventure in hatching begins! In a couple of days I will candle them to see how many are growing!

Monday, April 29, 2013

April Flurries...

...Bring May worries. That's how the poem goes, right? Well, I am typing this as it is snowing (and sticking! just a little bit). But I am really not too worried. Spring and Summer will eventually come. And in the meantime, we'll just continue on with our days, enjoying playing with this funny little guy and digging in our garden.

It was business casual at work today.
Working hard or hardly working?
Next he tried on Mommy's new boots.
They were longer than his legs, so he couldn't stand up in them.
It has been blustery for several days. Actually, beyond blustery. A howling, unsettling wind that is chilled through from blowing over the ice on the lake. The ice is piling up all over the place.

This river otter was poking around the ice, looking for food. He was pretty wary of us and would dive under and surface several meters away, breaking a hole in the rotten ice and poking his head out to see if we were still there watching him.
Not much longer until the lake will be freed from its icy captor.
And as I finish writing this post, it is still snowing, but the snow that stuck has melted, so there is hope!

Friday, April 26, 2013

A Whole Lotta Pictures

It's that time of year again- the ice is rotting and the wild wind is blowing it off the lake. We went to investigate this morning and found some patches of open water.

 Around this time of year, I start to have dreams about swimming. Jumping in the lake to find it freakishly warm. I love those dreams. I will likely jump in in a couple of weeks, once the temperature outside has warmed up. I have gone in the lake in May since we have moved here. It's a celebration of the return of the water.
 Green Goo! I stepped in it and it leaked into my rubber boots which are now full of holes. ew.
 The ice is stacked up here on the shore. It makes a tinkling glass sound as the ice crystals fall to the stoney beach.

Soon we will be able to hear the sound of the waves lapping up on the shore. One of the best sounds in the world.

 The chicks are 3 weeks old now. I am anxious to get them outside soon. They are starting to smell. Bigger chicks = bigger poop = stinkier!

This chick has the most beautiful red coloured feathers on his back. Yes, his. I think he is a he.
 See? Look at those wattles coming in!
This is chick A. I think this one is a she. No wattles yet.

 My cochin, chick C. Pretty sure this one is a boy :(
Hahahaha. Chick E. I think is the other girl because she doesn't have wattles yet either. What a funny looking one! Reminds me of Gonzo or something.
Chick B, another boy! Oh man, 3 out of 5! Oh well. This one looks so regal.
 My cochin again. Oh why do you have to be a boy? :(
I've got some new eggs shipping out to me on Monday. Hoo hoo hoo! Just you wait until I tell you what kind!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Field Trip

I took the chicks outside for the first time yesterday. They loved scratching in the grass, hopping about, and testing their wings. These little ones are amazing flyers! I don't remember any of my other chicks being able to fly this high or this good!

They are always mooning me!

This looks like it should be on the cover of their new album.
I planted half of my wheat field yesterday. I am experimenting and doing things to see what I get the best results with. I am planting two varieties of grain (Blue Tinge Ethiopian Wheat and Chinook Wheat), I've added bone meal to half the field, and I am planting at two different times, now and in a few weeks. How very scientific of me.

I've covered the wheat field with netting to keep the birds off. Now we just have to worry about the voles, but I am counting on my cat to guard it for me.
There's our yard! Things are slowly getting done. In a few weeks it will look so green! There is still a tiny patch of snow by the back fence.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Gardening Up-Close

My little gardening buddy and I took advantage of a small window of dry weather, after two straight days of rain, to go outside and play and snap a couple pictures.

 Rain isn't always that much fun, but at least it is rain, and not snow, even overnight.

And I just thought I would share this picture of my talented son, making tennis balls levitate in our basement. He is truly a wonder.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Almost 2 Weeks Old

This one is the biggest of them all and has the most feathers. Look at that tail!
 This one is one of the two with very few feathers. Very little tail yet.
 Hardly any tail!
 My little Cochin! Look at those legs!
And my other chickie with the second most feathers trying to escape!

Can you believe this was only 2 weeks ago?

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