Saturday, April 26, 2014

Puddles and a River Otter

It's that time of year when the ice is starting to break up on the lake and the chances of seeing a river otter seem to be higher. We went down to the lake to splash in the puddles for a bit and see if we could see an otter.
 At the park there was a few feet of open water before the ice. Lots of seagulls, but no river otter.
 The mountains were shrouded in fog and the ground was misting, creating a very moody atmosphere.
 It's been months and months since Kesten has seen water in the lake instead of ice. He took full advantage of this and began to throw rocks in, laughing hysterically with each splash. What a joy it was to watch him.
 We got in the car and started to drive around the loop (I'm just too pregnant to walk it now!), and I spotted an otter at the marina. I got my husband to pullover and I got out to photograph him. He let me get really close to the dock before he dove in. I kept walking to the wharf and there he surfaced, not 10 feet from me with a nice fish in his mouth.
 He settled down to gobbling up his fish right in front of me. Either he was oblivious to my presence or he just didn't care.

 I watched him for about ten minutes until he finished his meal and then dove back in the water.
 He resurfaced back on the same dock as before and proceeded to roll around and groom himself, drying off surprisingly quickly.
 My husband and Kesten, getting bored in the car, soon joined me and we all stood and watched the otter frolic around. Kesten, in his excitement, kept yelling out "otter!"The otter would look our way, and then continue to roll around and enjoy himself, unfazed by our presence.

What a thrilling encounter it was! I love river otters, I think they are one of my top favourite wild animals around here. Enjoy the video I took of the little guy munching on his fish and rolling around on the dock:

Thursday, April 24, 2014

At The Farm

This morning, Kesten and I headed out for a visit to our friends' farm. He sucked them in to taking him for wheelbarrow rides around the farm.
Then we checked out the teepee that Charlotte had made with her grandson in the summer.
Pretty cool inside!
A visit to see the chickens is always fun. You think this boy would be blase about chickens, seeing as he has his own at home. But nope, he loved them, especially hearing the rooster crow.
As we left the coop, he had to poke his head back in to say "hi!"
Next it was time to see the cows.
There are now 21 calves born, 3 to go!
This mama had twins, a surprise for everyone.
Sandy and Kesten climbed a "mountain!"
More wheelbarrow rides. In the background you can see Tippy the dog with her deflated soccer ball. Kesten would go into fits of laughter whenever we would kick the ball for Tippy and she would catch it in mid-air.
As we left the farm, we were treated to a special surprise of seeing a moose calf eating some willows and dogwood in the ditch. Kesten was pretty excited to see a moose in the wild!

Apparently this little one has been seen for a number of weeks without a mom. I hope it does ok!

To complete our fun morning, we went to the local restaurant, The Soup Wallah, run by my friend Janna. GREAT food! Yum yum yum! It was a very nice treat and Kesten was deliriously happy to get a cookie about the size of his head to munch on.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Newborn Knitting and a Broody Hen

Things are slowing down around here and at the same time gearing up to welcome this new baby in about 3 weeks (hopefully!). While I was in Prince George, I started working on a little newborn hat pattern with the lovely yarn that my friend got me for a baby present.
The bamboo is so soft and luxurious! 
The colours inspired me to create a little seedling hat. I'll post the pattern once I have a real newborn to model it on!

 I also made a pattern for little scratch mitts (I still have to get around to knitting the second one.)
 I love the little leaf on top of the hat.
 Not much longer until Baby Nutbrown the Second gets to wear it!
 Yesterday I must have been in nesting mode, as I cleaned up the house and some of the garden beds. Whew! It is getting pretty exhausting these days.
 Someone else is in nesting mode too. Peabody the hen has gone broody. She is my first chicken to have ever done so. I was a little worried about her yesterday, because I didn't know what she was up to. I took the eggs out from under her and she moved over to a new spot to sit on an egg that one of the other chickens laid. Hmm, I wonder how long this is going to last.

 All signs of Spring, I guess. It is drizzly today, which will help everything green up, now that the snow is almost all gone.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Week Away

We've been in the big city of Prince George the past week. It has been a fun time to see some of the city attractions that we don't normally get to see and to spread out our errands over a few days. One of the days I took Kesten to the Exploration Place (like a mix between a science centre and a museum). What fun we had! In the picture below, Kesten is inside a bubble in a fish aquarium, looking at trout and sturgeon (or "sharks," as he likes to call them!).
 In the Biome there were lots of taxidermic animals, along with live ones. Kesten was pretty leery of the bears, but was a big fan of the (living) snake named Cream. Cream will be 20 years old and that is about how old he is expected to live.
 A Pileated Woodpecker!!!! For some reason, Kesten has become obsessed with pileated woodpeckers (he does a very good impression of the drumming noise they make) and was pretty thrilled to see this one.
 There was a sports hall of fame in Exploration Place...
 And a great play area for kids. The trains were definitely a highlight!
 Later we went for a date at Menchies, the frozen yogurt place. Haha, if you went by this picture, you would think Kesten hated it, but he really loved it. He was just coughing or something in this picture.
 Back at home most of our snow had melted out of our yard! The sun was hot and our back deck felt like paradise. My husband and I got some time to ourselves to read in the sun during our little boy's nap time!
Belly bump! 4 weeks to go.... I can make it!
 The sunny weather has had us outdoors most of the day. Kesten is mastering his little run bike and asks to use it a lot!

 And finally, in my downtown time last night and today, I made a needle-felted pileated woodpecker for Kesten to play with.
 He was so excited when he saw it and has been playing with it all day, making him peck at the wood.
 It makes me happy that this boy loves nature. :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Moose Enthusiast

Kesten recently got a hand-me down moose shirt from a friend that he just loves. He wants to wear it all the time, but it gets dirty fast. So, yesterday I picked up a couple of plain t-shirts on clearance, and today I painted on some moose for the little guy.

This one has a moose with moose tracks going around the shirt.
 This is the back.
 Never ask a toddler to model for you. It is a frustrating experience.

 This one we did a silhouette of a moose head.
Hopefully these shirts will take some of the pressure off of the original moose shirt!
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