Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Rush

My, how much has changed in just a few short weeks! We have gone from bits of snow and brown grass, to green leaves and even blossoms. And it is only April! It is unheard of around here!

 The ice was completely off the lake by April 6, and the migrating ducks are now harder to spot.

 I've been busy sewing all my own clothes (including a chic retro bathing suit and high-waisted bikini bottoms!) and I wanted to try dyeing this dress with the woad from my garden (which stayed alive and green all winter under a blanket of snow).
 I dyed it ombre style.
 I also have been experimenting with shibori techniques using my lichen dyes on silk.
 We were recently given a playhouse and my dad and I have plans to make it bigger and better! Stay tuned for that!
 We are spending the majority of our time outside, eating most of our meals out there and playing in the yard. Our yard has absolutely no shade, so we are making a little shady area under our deck, if we need to retreat from the glare of the sun. We hung up curtains and I am in the process of building a little couch/chair from pallets that will soon have some comfy cushions.
 I've added 4 new raised beds to our garden, plus the new green house against the house. My long-suffering husband has been helping me shovel all the dirt.
 The hummingbirds are also back, nearly a week early. This little male Rufous has claimed our feeder for his own and perches on our deck to keep a constant eye on his territory.

 This morning, it was -3c, and he had his feathers all puffed out to keep warm.

 Our deck space is becoming a nice retreat for us, and many of our meals are eaten here. This summer, I am very focused on creating outdoor living spaces.
 I am in the process of hardening off some of our plants, to make room for new ones under the lights.
 Our mason bee house is standing in our chicken coop garden and 3 male mason bees have already emerged from their cocoons! How exciting!
 Can you spot the three empty cocoons? The females are in the larger cocoons and they emerge later than the males. I am hoping that my cherry tree will be in full bloom when they emerge, as it needs lots of help with pollination.
I can't get enough of spring!
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