Thursday, May 19, 2016

Glorious May

 Is any month more wonderful than May? Spring is galloping into summer, the blossoms are out, the garden is growing, and we are lucky to get some hot days (worthy of a dip in the lake!). This May, we have been so lucky to have my in-laws here for a week while my husband had holidays, and it was a much needed time to get some projects done and some relaxation!

(The following five photos were taken by my in-laws.)
My little boy got a pedal bike and is learning how to ride it!

 The Farmer's Market has started up again and my kids were reunited with their favourite market animals!
 Spicy Greens (the makers of the best butter chicken in the world!) are back at the market and Cedar enjoyed her samosa to the extreme!
 It was so hot one day, we headed to the beach for a picnic and my first swim in the lake (wearing my new bathing suit that I sewed. I was very proud of this one!).
 For our anniversary, we got to go for a 5-hour paddle down the lake. It was a wonderful adventure, and I got to see some amazing views of this area that I have never had the chance to see before.
 There were so many beautiful, quiet beaches and caves tucked into rock cliffs.
 Our route took us by the famous pictographs, painted by the First Nations of this area, a few hundred years ago.
 An eagle's nest is perched over the cliff on an island. It has grown huge over the years, as the eagles build on top of the existing nest each spring.
 When we could see the church, our trip was nearly complete.
 Back at home, our animals are doing well. Boos has an obsession with wooden buttons and reacts to them like catnip. I made her a little toy with one attached and it has been a big hit.
 One of my hens went broody, so I got her some fertilized eggs to sit on. Shortly after, a second hen went broody, and just two days ago, a third hen joined in. I now have 3 (out of 4 hens) sharing 5 fertilized eggs between them. When one gets off to go eat and drink, one of the others will use her beak to roll the eggs under herself. This game is on a continual loop. We've only got a few days left until hatch day and I am interested to see how these three broodies will raise their chicks together.
The mason bees have been laying eggs and have mudded over four of the holes in the mason bee house.
 The garden is planted and growing!

 It was my little girl's birthday last week and she requested a "doot" cake. "Doot" is her word for bunny.
 I love the look on her face when we brought the cake out!
 She highly enjoyed all of her presents. What a fabulous two-year old!

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