Saturday, June 11, 2016

Powering into June

It's June already, and I feel like I was just expressing my amazement that it was May! 

My little boy has started riding his peddle bike now- most of the time he doesn't need his daddy to hold him up, but he likes to know that he is right there, ready to catch him.
 Of course, Cedar wants to join in the fun! She is still a little short for the run bike, but she demands that we push her around on it anyways.
 We gave some fertilized eggs to our two broody hens, and they hatched out 3 adorable chickies. Oh, those Brahmas and their feathery legs. I love watching the two hens co-parent the little puffballs.

Kesten and I got the chance to be extras in a movie that they are filming part of in our little town. We got to meet the lovely Shirley Henderson. You may recognize her as Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter or Ursula Blake from Dr. Who (I am told she is also in Happy Valley). Anyways, it was a very fun experience and I hope our little scene makes the final cut.

My very talented sister from The Honey Bee Paperie did this wonderful family portrait of us. I love it so much! She is opening up a few spots for custom orders again, so if you would love a family portrait or something else, now is the time! Seriously, those spots fill up fast!
 We've had a couple of all-day power outages in the last little while, which has been exciting and challenging. They always seem to catch us unprepared, and the last one had us cooking on our tiny camp stove in order to make some food for dinner.
 This little guy has been asking me to make him a bow-tie for awhile now, so I finally sat down and did it. I used the mix-and-match free pattern from here.
 When his sister saw him with one, she wanted one too! They have been wearing them everywhere.
 And my favourite place- The Fort St James National Historic Site- is open again for the summer, kicking off the season with their Easter in June celebration.
 Cedar was thrilled to see all the baby animals and was very excited to see the Easter Bunny. However, when the Easter Bunny finally made his appearance, she was terrified and we ended up having to go home early. I don't blame her. People in costumes can be very unnerving.
 Finally, I sewed my first pair of jeans! I've been attempting to sew all my own clothes for a year, and shortly after deciding that, most of my jeans developed holes. So, I tackled the project and am very pleased with the outcome! I am going to be making more in the future.

 The pattern I used is Ginger Jeans.

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