Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer Wrap-Up

Well, once again summer has gotten away from me and I haven't posted since early July. Oh well. Here goes:

We enjoyed a ghost walk through our community, highlighting some historic sites and events. It started in the old Catholic church by the lake. An interesting fact I learned: see that window above the alter? It was originally clear, but it has magnesium in it and over time, the sun has changed it to be purple and orange!

 We had our annual Big Pig Mountain Bike race in Burns lake.

 Kesten tried his first cross-country mountain bike race and enjoyed his first cookie medal at the end.
 I did a 45km ride and had lots of fun. I pushed myself further than I knew I could go and was very proud. David did 100km!
 The garden was off to a great start, but soon, it was drenched by rain and eaten by the resulting slugs.
We did, however, manage to eat from our garden nearly every meal, including the day we ate rainbows for lunch.
 If the conditions were not good for the rest of the garden, the sour cherries thrived for the first time!

 We made sour cherry crumb cake, sour cherry pie, sour cherry jam, and sour cherry chutney!

 I added another year to my age, and just a few more grey hairs.
 I got a kayak for my birthday and was able to enjoy a few evening paddles on the lake.

 The salmon began spawning almost 2 weeks early and we were able to watch them leap up Tsilcoh falls.
 A couple of times we got to paddle out in our canoe to a hidden lagoon.
 Each time, there was a bald eagle there, waiting to greet us at the entrance. We got to see a bittern, deer, beaver signs, and tiny tiny deer tracks. It is so much fun to slip silently through the maze of wetlands.

 The berries were plentiful this year, and I spent time picking and preserving strawberries, huckleberries, and raspberries.

 And Kesten was curious about how to make yogurt, so we made some with fruity-jam bottoms. Mmmm.
 We finally got some storage in our living room and it has been AWESOME! It still looks like this, even though it has been several weeks since we got it. All the toys get tucked away into the baskets at bedtime and the room feels so much freer from clutter.

 In just two weekends, Alissa Allen is coming up to Fort St. James to teach a course on mushroom dyeing. I have been arranging the workshop and I am so excited, and will be very happy when it is over and I can breathe again! It's such a great opportunity to learn some new skills!

We ended the summer with a family visit down in Kelowna and I had such a nice time with my sisters, parents, and old friends. I got to see a movie in the theatres for the first time in 4 years (Ghostbusters- it was hilarious!). I had so much fun, I didn't remember to take many pictures, and when I got home, the only photos on my camera were of bugs, like this beauty black widow spider!
When we got home on Sunday night we had to turn on the heat! Summer disappeared in a hurry and we have had nothing but rain and chilly temperatures since! I was not ready for it to be done yet!
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