Monday, June 19, 2017

Bugs, Birds, and Tadpoles

One of our favourite spring activities has been to explore a local pond. We found some salamander larvae and have been checking back periodically to check on their progress.

Salamander larvae are much more developed than tadpoles when they hatch. They are already good swimmers and hunt for their food, as they are carnivores right away (unlike tadpoles, who are herbivores until they become adults).

 We brought home a few tadpoles from a friend's man-made pond, to watch their development. The tadpoles are so tiny when they hatch and look so embryonic still (is that a word?).

Within a few short weeks that have grown huge and their little hind legs are starting to bud out. So exciting!
 We ordered out caterpillar kit again this year. It's amazing to see how fast those Painted Lady caterpillars grow!

 I thinks chrysalides are so beautiful. Look how golden this one is!
The butterflies emerged just a few days ago and we released them yesterday. Look how bronze they are by their bodies.
 We made a little pond in our garden this spring and have been enjoying this new addition. They are tadpoles swimming around in it and it is relaxing to sit on the bench and watch them swim.
 And finally, we've got 6 Wheaton Ameraucana eggs in the incubator. We lost one because of a terrible windstorm that resulted in a 6 hour power outage, but the other 6 are gowing strong and set to hatch in one week.
 Spring is such an exciting time!

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