Sunday, December 31, 2017

Top 17 of 2017

 Well, another year has passed and I can't help but thinking good riddance! My husband and I were in a bad car accident in August while visiting family, and while we weren't seriously injured, the toll that it takes on the body is not to be underestimated! We've also dealt with a lot of illness this fall, including pneumonia. But when I look back on the pictures, I am reminded that there were lots and lots of good moments too!

I finally built myself a greenhouse this spring and got lots of use from it.
 Of course we hatched some more chicks to join our flock (but out of 25+ eggs, we ended up with just two hens!).
 I had my very first experience in beekeeping and it ignited a new passion!
 The kids and I spent many happy hours exploring ponds and found these salamander eggs. We checked back on them over the season to watch them hatch and grow.
 And I continued to volunteer with the hummingbird banding project. Always such an honour to handle these little guys.
 We raised caterpillars and watched them transform to butterflies before releasing them into the wild. Such a thrill!
We took a family trip out to Alberta and had loads of fun in Drumheller and the badlands. Those dinosaurs, such a blast!
 Drumheller hoodoos.
 My garden was a very peaceful spot for me this summer, and I spent lots of time sitting by our little pond, watching the tadpoles swim, while I snacked on raspberries. Mmmm, can't wait until next year!
 We spent some time canoeing and exploring in our lake and camping at our local campgrounds. The kids loved every minute of it.
 Ugh, the fateful car crash. A lady ran a red light and totaled our car. We ended up in the ditch. It's been a long road to recovery and it takes its toll on you, when you can't get out and do the the stuff you would normally do for exercise and fun! I'm glad the kids were not with us when it happened.
 Beach wanderings and fun. We made the most of the last few days of summer before my eldest started school.
This year I started a Family Nature club and it has been so much fun, getting outside and exploring with other families. I hope we'll keep it up in 2018.
Ah, the clay oven! What a fun, involved project that turned out to be. But how rewarding in the end! The kids were involved in almost every step along the way and were thrilled to finally get to use the oven once all the fire bans from the summer were lifted. Not only do we get to bake fresh bread and pizzas in it, but it looks so great in the garden too.

 This year, I sold my resin work in the local craft fair and did really well. I've never sold anything at a craft fair before and was super excited by my success. Here's to many more!
 And Christmas was a wonderful, low-key affair with just the four of us. We were actually healthy this year, so we were able to enjoy it to the fullest.
It really wasn't too bad of a year, when I look back on all the positives! Here's hoping that 2018 brings more good to everyone! Happy New Year!
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