Knitting Patterns

I've added this tab to make it easier to find my knitting patterns. I will add any new patterns to this list as I go. Enjoy!

Mary's Merry Wristers

Gingham Cell Phone Cover

Woodland Fox Baby

Child's Forest Pixie Hat/ Nutbrown Gnome Hat

Hoot The Owl Toque

Union Jack Flag

Canadian Flag

American Flag

Danish Flag 

Cowichan Hat design

A Northern Autumn Hat

Fur Trader's Hat

Northern Spring Shawl/Cowl

Woodland Stag Deer Baby Hat

Hudson's Bay Doll Sweater

Northern Whale Cowichan Seater- Toddler's Cardigan

Newborn Nutbrown Acorn Hat 

Little Sapling Newborn Hat and Scratch Mitts

Woodland Beaver Kit

Little Red Riding Hood/ Christmas Hood

The Big Bad Wolf

Cedar's Spring Shawl

Snowshoe Hare Sweater 

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